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What is Bikesure?

Bikesure offers comprehensive bike insurance cover for your bicycle with two options:

Bikesure Sport

Bikesure Sport is a Stand Alone bike insurance policy that allows you to insure your bicycle comprehensively world wide, without having to purchase a Home Insurance policy. Bike insurance made easy! Coming soon in New Zealand

Bikesure Pro

Our Home and Contents package that includes cover for your Bicycle. Save money by combining your Bike Insurance with our Home Insurance package. Not available in New Zealand.

When would I buy a Bikesure Sport policy?

I want bike insurance but I don’t need home and contents insurance.

When would I buy a Bikesure Pro policy?

  • I want cover for my home and contents as well as my bike.
  • I want cover for my children’s bikes.
  • I want cover for my BMX, E-bike, Tricycle, Tandem or Recumbent.
  • I am a professional or sponsored rider
  • I want an all-in-one policy which includes public liability
  • I live in Austraila

Does the policy cover my bike whilst I am riding it?

Yes. Bikesure provides you with cover for damage to bikes including whilst in use.

How do I know what value to insure my bike for?

If your bike is less than 2 years old AND you are the original owner your bike should be insured for replacement value (including fixed accessories). If your bike is more than two years old OR you are not the original owner you should nominate a value that represents the current value of the bike (including fixed accessories), taking into consideration the Depreciation condition applicable to claim settlements. Please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full details of How We Settle Claims.

What is the minimum sum insured for bikes?

Bikesure Sport provides cover for bikes valued from $1,500 up to $20,000. However, Bikesure Pro provides cover for bikes of any value.

Is the insurance New for Old for my bike?

Under the Bikesure Sport policy, if your bike is a total loss within 2 years of original purchase and you are the first owner, then we will replace your bicycle and accessories with a new bicycle of the same make, model and series, with the same accessories, subject to any applicable excess and local availability.

What are classed as bike accessories?

Any bicycle parts which are not permanently fitted to the bicycle or not typically sold as part of a complete bicycle including but not limited to pedals, lights, bottle cages, saddle bags, power meters, computers and additional wheelsets. Accessories do not include riding gear (helmets, shoes, riding clothes etc.).

Do I need to include accessories in the total value of my bikes?

Yes – if you want them to be insured you must include the fixed accessories in the total sum insured.

On Bikesure Sport policies, accessories must also be listed under the bike which they are fitted to.

You do not need to list any bicycle parts which are typically sold as part of a complete bicycle.

We understand items like saddles, stems, handlebars, seat posts and suspension are often swapped or upgraded; provided the sum insured reflects the complete bike in it’s best spec these items do not need to be listed.

Are my helmet, shoes, glasses and clothing covered if lost or damaged?

Under Bikesure Sport no cover is provided for these items.

Can I insure my child’s bike?

You must be 18 years of age or older to obtain bike insurance under the Bikesure Sport policy. However, Bikesure Pro includes cover for a spouse, partner, children, parents or other family members residing permanently with you.

Does my bike need to be locked?

We understand that you do not always carry a bike lock around with you. However, you are required to take responsibility for your bike. Your bike does not need to be locked if it is in your direct line of sight, however it does need to meet the bicycle security conditions of the PDS if left unattended.

Will my bike be covered if I travel?

Yes. Bikesure includes automatic cover for bikes temporarily removed from the home Australia wide and up to 90 consecutive days anywhere in the world.

Do I need to provide the serial number of the bike etc to start the policy?

No. However, in the event of claim proof of purchase/ownership will be required.

Can I insure my bike if it is used for business purposes?

No. Bikes are not covered whist used for any business purpose.

I am a professional or sponsored rider, can I still take out the policy?

Professional and sponsored riders are eligible to take out a Bikesure Pro policy.

Bikesure Sport does not cover professional or sponsored riders.

What is the excess for bikes?

Bikesure Sport

The excess is $500 in the event of a total loss or any claim requiring replacement parts. The excess is $300 for all other claims (eg. carbon repair claims not requiring any replacement parts).

Bikesure Pro

The standard excess for all claims is $500, adjusted excess values are available on request.

Can I insure more than one bike on the one policy?

Yes., Bikesure Sport provides cover for each bike individually listed on your policy. Bikesure Pro policy automatically includes cover for all of your bikes (including accessories).

Can I insure my BMX, E-bike, Tricycle, Tandem or Recumbent?

Bikesure Sport provides cover for Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes only. However, Bikesure Pro policy provides cover for most types of bicycles

Is my bike covered while being transported by car?

Yes, provided the Bicycle Security Conditions of the PDS are met.

What if I damage another person’s property whilst riding my bike?

Our Bikesure Pro policy includes $20,000,000 legal liability for property damage and bodily injury to others. Our Bikesure Sport policy does not include legal liability cover.

Am I covered if I injure myself?

No. Under Bikesure Pro the policy provides cover for personal injury you cause to another person, but does not cover personal injury to you or any person living with you. There is no Legal Liability cover under Bikesure Sport.

Will my frame be repaired or replaced?

Bikesure Sport claims will have the level of damage to carbon frames to be assessed by a carbon fibre repairer. Based on the assessment of damage, the insurer will repair or replace the frame.

Our primary partner in Australia are Paint My Bike and Quantum Bicycles.

Bikesure Pro is a full replacement policy. Frame damage assessment and replacement quotes can be obtained from your local bicycle retailer, or online if applicable.

Am I covered if I damage my bike whilst racing?

Yes. Bikesure provides bike insurance for damage to your bike whilst racing. However, Bikesure Sport does not cover athletes whom are a Professional Licence holders, or in an elite training program, registered cycling team, or is sponsored commercially to compete in any such sport that involves the use of a Bicycle

Can I insure my building under the same policy as my contents?

Yes. Bikesure Pro is a Home & Contents package

What if I don’t need building cover?

If you are a tenant, or have Building Insurance with another company you can get cover just for your contents and bikes.

What is the minimum contents value to receive cover?

$40,000 is the minimum contents sum insured.

Is the insurance New for Old for my bike and other contents items?

Cover is New for Old under the Bikesure Pro policy. This means you need to insure your bikes and accessories for their replacement value. The same applies to your other contents.

Do I need to specify my Bike on the Policy?

Bikesure Pro automatically includes cover for bikes (including accessories) valued at up to $10,000 each. Simply contact us to confirm contents sums insured are high enough for your bike if valued at over $10,000.

Will my contents be covered away from the home?

Yes. Bikesure Pro includes automatic cover for Unspecified Personal Property temporarily removed from the home Australia wide and up to 90 consecutive days anywhere in the world. Please refer to the limitations within the Product Disclosure Statement.

What is Personal Property?

Personal Property items are personal effects that are normally worn or carried by you for your own use. This includes jewellery and watches, cameras, sunglasses, sporting equipment including bicycles, mobile phones, laptops and i-pods.

How much are my contents covered for away from the home?

Bikesure Pro includes automatic cover for Personal Property up to $10,000 per item, set or collection. Please refer to the limitations within the Product Disclosure Statement.

What if I need more than $10,000 cover for my contents away from the home?

Simply contact us to obtain cover for your Personal Property if valued at over $10,000 per item, set or collection.

Do any discounts apply to the policy?

The following discounts may apply to the Bikesure Pro policy:
  • Combined home and contents cover
  • Security systems
  • Over 55 years of age and no longer working full time

I already have Insurance with another company, can I change to Bikesure?

Yes. You can cancel your insurance policy before the expiry date and may receive a refund. Cancellation fees may apply and you should consult your Insurance Company for details.

Can I make a change to my policy?

Yes. You can amend your policy at any stage. You just need to contact Bikesure. Please note, certain changes/additions may affect your premium.

Can I pay by monthly instalments?

You can pay your Bike Insurance monthly. Additional charges apply.